Apr 27, 2020


I LOVE FREE Stuff! The first thing you need to know about FREE stuff is that you CAN definitely get it! Here's how you do it:
  1. Make a separate email for Freebies, and Contests. When Freebie Hunting you will get a lot of spam. You do get the FREE stuff but some companies will send you email. You can unsubscribe from any email at any time though.
  2. Sometimes it takes a coupon, cash back app, store deal, or all 3 to get something for FREE.
  3. A lot of FREE stuff comes from Product Testing Sites. 
  4. Enjoy all of the FREE stuff that you get.
Now...with all of that said. Make sure that you follow a good Freebie site in order to get the best FREE stuff. Not to mention all of those good deals, coupons, and contests. Happy Freebie Finding! :)

Browse all the Freebies here!

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