Jun 11, 2024

Test Products for FREE with Influenster

Test Products for FREE with Influenster!

Join Influenster to get FREE Full Size products, enter fun giveaways, and get special discounts on featured brands, services and more!

Once you sign up simply connect all of your social media accounts and create a profile. Influenster invites their most media savvy members to participate in product testing. 

Once you receive your first VoxBox simply leave a review and share on your social media accounts.
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  1. I'm a beauty school student. I am very disappointed I have signed up on influenser and pinch me.com and several other ive done everything I can and still have not gotten even a sample let alone a box. Please can someone help me?

  2. Sometimes it takes a little time to get these freebies. Just try to connect your social accounts and be as active as possible on their sites. I get freebies from PinchMe all of the time and just recently received some free makeup from Influnenster after I made sure my account was updated and was active on my account. Hope you have some luck soon!