Apr 24, 2024

18 Fun FREE Educational Websites for Kids

18 Fun FREE Educational Websites for Kids!

Sesame Street

Younger kids will love Sesame Street Online! They can choose from hundreds of the show's video clips and play games that help them learn letters, animal sounds, rhymes, colors, and more

Scholastic is a very unique educational website for kids. You may be familiar with it from the publishers of the educational books that you find in schools. This site contains activities broken up by grades. Pre-K learners all the way up to seniors in high school can find learning activities geared toward them.

PBS Kids

All of the educational shows that your kids watch on PBS has it's own learning section on PBSKids.org. Try sing-a-long songs, sorting and counting games, watch videos, and more.


CoolMath.com is an amusement park of Math and MORE! Children can play online math games that help them with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, money and more. CoolMath is geared toward ages 13 and up, but sister site CoolMath4Kids.com is appropriate for ages 3 through 12. CoolMath-Games.com includes math games for preschoolers.

Time for Kids

From the publishers of TIME magazine, TIMEforKids.com is loaded with interesting articles, photos, and videos. Politics, the environment, entertainment, sports, and health are just some of the topics covered. TIME for Kids isn't as interactive as most of the other website on this list of educational websites for kids, but the site does tackle subjects that are in the news now while being written for an audience of children.

National Geographic Kids

Watch animal cameras, learn interesting tidbits about animals, see and share photos of nature, learn about different countries and try science experiments on Kids.NationalGeographic.com. These activities don't even begin to scratch the surface of the National Geographic Kids website. There's also a "Little Kids" section for the younger explorers in your home.

How Stuff Works

When your child asks all of those questions like, why the sky is blue, how a tornado forms, or any number of other questions they can come up with on a daily basis, head on over to How Stuff Works. The articles break down subjects like autos, culture, entertainment, science, money, technology and more. Games, quizzes, and videos also round out your children's learning experience.


One of the BEST educational websites for kids, Starfall.com has been online since 2002 and works with your children from letter recognition to reading plays, nonfiction, and comics.

The Kidz Page

TheKidzPage.com has more than 5,000 pages of learning games and activities. Online coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles and word games are just a few sections of this massive site. Each holiday has its own section of activities and games to enjoy with your children.

Fun Brain

Math, reading, online books and learning games are just some of the site's many treats. Fun Brain caters to preschoolers through 8th graders. Definitely a site you will want to bookmark for your kids!

Nick Jr.

NickJr.com has games that allow your children to explore their creativity, play dress-up, learn new music, put together puzzles and work on numbers and shape recognition.


There are a lot of Science websites out there. However, Exploritorium has got be one the best in my opinion! It's a website that teaches kids about science and art in new ways. The departments let kids tinker with gadgets, go below the sea, rocket into the galaxy and also learn about the science of gardening, animals, and cells, to name a few.

BBC History for Kids

Enter ancient worlds, meet famous people and discover fascinating facts by exploring a wide selection of historical games and activities.

Highlights for Kids

You may be familiar with Highlights magazines. They have been around for more than 60 years now. They now have a wonderful website that offers ways to play, read and craft with your children. Matching games, art activities, animated stories and science experiments are just a few ways kids can learn while having fun on their site.

Learning Games for Kids

This is one of my son's favorite sites when he was younger! Learning Games for Kids is all about games that teach kids almost every subject you can think of. Word, spelling, social studies, brain, science, art, vocabulary, literature and keyboarding games will get your kids started on a learning adventure.

Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids

Here is some learning with a twist. The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids features riddles, puzzles, a question of the day, a timeline of interesting history facts, sky events and weather conditions to track at home with your children.

Disney Jr

If your child loves Disney (like most kids do), then they will love Disney Jr! On this site you will find fun games, videos and More. The games focus on memory, hand-eye coordination, color matching and other important skills for developing minds.

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