Jul 14, 2024

hiya Kids All Natural Vitamins - 50% Off Your First Order!

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We all want what's best for our kids. Especially when it comes to their diet and supplements. hiya is a Chewable Multivitamin with 15 essential vitamins & minerals to support immunity, growth, & development among kids. Plus! They are completely natural, gluten free, non GMO, dairy-free, and vegan. 

So many children's vitamins are loaded with excess sugar and junk. hiya is really clean because they are made with organic fruits and vegetables fresh from farms and blended into one super-powered chewable to fill in common nutritional gaps based on modern guidelines, not dated junk. Also, they are optimized for freshness. Unlike many vitamins that may sit on a store shelf for months and result in dead vitamins with lost nutrients by the time you take them, each month they send a pouch of fresh vitamins you can pour into your refillable child-proof glass bottle, which your kids can decorate with stickers that they send.

Easy-to-start, easy-to cancel -- with free shipping and total flexibility -- delivered monthly on a pediatrician-recommended 30-day schedule based on modern nutritional guidelines. Hurry and snag 50% off on your first order!

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