Apr 2, 2020

Claim $6 in The Children's Place Class Action Settlement

Claim $6 in The Children's Place Class Action Settlement

If you have shopped at The Children's Place in the past 8 years, then you need to read this! 

The Children’s Place has agreed to a $6.8 million settlement and will provide 800,000 vouchers to consumers in this latest class action settlement! The settlement says that Consumers were reportedly misled by comparison prices and deceived into believing that they were getting a good deal on certain products. Keep reading on how you can score up $18 or up to $25 off $100 purchase.

Who Qualifies? 

Those who shopped at any The Children’s Place store or online at the store’s website between Feb. 11, 2012 and Jan. 28, 2020 qualify! That is a span of 8 years!

How do I submit a Claim?

Go HERE to submit a claim. You do not need proof but can claim more vouchers with receipts! You get to submit 1 claim without proof (for $6) or you can score up to $18 with proof.

How much will I Get?

$6 per $50 you spent - up to $18. Or choose 25% off purchase coupons (up to 3). You have to choose one or the other. If you spend alot regularly at The Children's Place the 25% off coupon may work out better for you as that $25 off a $100 purchase or $12.50 off $50 purchase.

The Deadline is May 30, 2020!

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